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Artists of all kinds require outer support from family, friends, neighbors, and their community in general. With various art forms struggling to survive and competition being difficult for newcomers, support for artists is more important than ever. Support from artist to artist is important in this type of career field, as it can help form professional relationships and celebrate the various expressions of self that are produced.

Whether a filmmaker, painter, or photographer, each style of art is in need of celebration in order to continue this cycle of expression and produce meaningful pieces. The biggest supporters of the arts are often artists themselves, as they see value in this work and want to keep it relevant. Discover some ways for artists to support each other below.

Attend Performances and Visit Galleries

One of the biggest ways to show your support to other artists is by attending their live performances, viewing parties, or galleries. Showing up in person to give support to these artists, even if you have not met them before, will speak volumes to them and might even allow you to build a friendship with them, resulting in them supporting you later down the road. In order to keep the arts alive, it is important to show support in person, signaling the importance of this type of event. This not only gives emotional support but can provide financial support for the artists as well.

Utilize Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool for artists. Even though many artists do not want to digitalize their work, it can be a great way to build awareness for events and other projects of theirs that they want to bring recognition to. As a fellow artist, you can interact with these posts and share them on your own feed, showing your support for these artists and an active interest in the work they produce. Social media is a great growth tool for artists, but it can also allow you to support others on their journey and potentially create professional relationships.

Purchase Their Work

At the end of the day, artists need to make money. Once in a while, you might want to consider using some of your hard-earned money to purchase from other artists you enjoy. By showing this financial support, you’ll be enabling these artists to continue producing beautiful pieces. You don’t even have to revert to purchasing it for yourself each time. If the holidays, an anniversary, or a friend’s birthday are approaching and you are in need of a gift, look to one of these artists to see how one of their pieces might work well as a gift.