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Photoshop is no longer for graphic designers with its expansion of tools and menus. This dynamic software can be self-taught. And although it may seem overwhelming at first, all you need is a little guidance on its essential tools. 

Here are five of the most important tools to know when you start using Photoshop.

Layer Tool

Layers are an essential tool when editing. This tool allows you to create artwork in separate stacks similar to glass. Only the individual layer with changes is affected during modifications, saving time when making edits to your piece. In addition, you can duplicate, hide, and organize layers in folders.

The Move Tool

When moving individual graphics or a group, the Move tool comes in handy. By right-clicking on the selected object, the drop-down menu offers options. In addition, you can start the Transform tool by pressing the shortcut CTRL + T or Command + T. You’ll be able to rotate, flip, or scale any graphic element on your selected layer.

The Text Tool with Fonts

The Text tool comprises fonts, styles, and characters. When selected, you have a choice of vertical and horizontal type tools. The variation of points allows for large to smaller fonts. When you choose the text tool, Photoshop renders a new layer where you can change fonts, styles, and sizes.

The Color and Swatches Tool

The Color and Swatches tool allows you to pick colors and paint your artwork. You can change, copy, and save customized colors to come back to them later. The Color tool expands into the Color Picker when selected. From there, they listed various spectrums of color as RGB or CMYK. When you click on the spectrum box, the boxes marked as RGB or CMYK determine the hue percentages, letting you know the swatch’s color. 

The Crop Tool 

If you want to select a specific area of your image, Photoshop’s Crop tool is your friend. Select the area you plan to narrow down, move the crop tool to its target size, and click enter. Learn these five tools to get your feet wet.