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Have you made the choice to study art and draw your own masterpieces? You can’t begin without the right supplies. A quick trip to the art store should solve the matter of paper and pencils so that you have all you need.

You might find yourself puzzled by the tutorials and lists all over the Internet. Starter kits are often sold to beginners with objects they have never seen and might not have to use. You can become overwhelmed by all of this material. This is not good for your art.

What does an artist need in the first stages of their career? What are the things a beginner will use and learn from? To prevent clutter on your desk, read a list of essential art tools.

Some basic art supplies include:

1- Quality Paper

A beginner might be surprised by the different kinds of paper available and the various purposes they serve. For example, thicker paper is used for watercolor; very thin paper is used when something needs to be traced.

If you’re starting out, you need a good sketchbook with pages that are not too thick or thin. While you might be tempted to buy the most affordable sketchbook, we recommend that you do your research. Invest in a good pad of paper that will stand up to your erasing and scribbling in the beginner phase.

2- Ruler

You’ll find yourself in need of a ruler many times during your art journey. It’s time-consuming to go searching for one at the last moment. Even if you don’t need it now, keep a ruler within reach on your desk.

3- Pencil Set

Sketching pencils are labeled according to color and density. Full sets of sketching pencils usually come in tin boxes, but you likely will not need to use them all at the beginning.

To save some money, look out for smaller sets that include the basic three pencils, such as the 2B and charcoal pencil. When you have learned how to use those, upgrade to the full set.